Life is meant to be enjoyed! Whether you're passionate about the urban vibe or nature’s beauty, you'll love your new life at Hill-Park. What better way to spend the day than with a bike ride on Mount Royal before enjoying a great meal on a terrace with friends?


Imagine your life here!

Available apartments

Whether you choose a studio or a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom, you'll enjoy Hill-Park’s large apartments. The building’s 260 units are spread out over 20 floors. Functional and spacious with large windows, the apartments at Hill-Park have magnificent views and were designed with today’s active lifestyle in mind.  


    Hill-Park Apartments

    Bachelor starting at $912 - promotional price


    Hill-Park Apartments

    3 1/2 / 1 Bedroom
    Starting at $1217 - promotional price


    Hill-Park Apartments

    4 1/2 / 2 Bedrooms
    Starting at $1849 - promotional price

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Good Living and Select Neighborhood

ANP_0135 Conference room
ANP_0063 Gym
ANP_0118 Lobby
ANP_0131 Lobby
ANP_0009 Lounge
ANP_0039,ANP_0039 Lounge
ANP_0067 Gym
ANP_0071 Gym
ANP_0147 Office
ANP_0157 Office
ANP_0051 Lounge
Conference room
58411-008-COGIR-HILLPARK38-LR 2
58406-003-COGIR-HILLPARK10-LR 3
58404-001-COGIR-HILLPARK01-LR 1
58405-002-COGIR-HILLPARK05-LR 2
58408-005-COGIR-HILLPARK26-LR 5
58407-004-COGIR-HILLPARK18-LR 7
Hill-Park for rent Montreal 1
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Rent apartment Hill-Park 3
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